Hosted Exchange

Hosted exchange provides not just your mail and all of your email folders, but your Calendar appointment, Contacts, Notes and Tasks, with Real Time access via the Internet. With a single client connected to Exchange, you can keep all of these aspects in sync. This enables you to have all of this information stored, integrated and backed up in one central location.

    • Mailbox Size
    • Per Month
    • Set-up Fee
    • Web Marshal
    • AntiSpam
    • McAfee Antivirus
    • Content FIltering

Better Collaboration
Exchange isn’t just email. You can also share documents, calendars tasks and other items with other members of your organization.

Maintain Good Customer Relationship
Exchange helps you stay on top of your email, tasks, calendar and contacts. As a result of this increased productivity you’ll be more capable of maintaining good relationships with your important customers.

 Allows you to focus on your Business
By streamlining productivity and helping you focus on collaboration and communication, your time is freed up to allow you to spend more of your day on your job and your core business.

 Better Communication
Exchange helps you keep in touch by providing multiple access options through Desktop clients, Web-Based clients and Mobile Devices. You can access your Exchange server from anywhere, allowing you to stay in touch

Increased Productivity
By being able to access your account from anywhere, you are always close to your Email, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks. This allows you to stay productive by staying connected even when outside of the office.

 Professional Appearance
All businesses need a professional looking Email and Collaboration solution. Exchange provides all the collaboration features you need at a price that fits any budget.



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