DSL Capped and Uncapped Bundles

Tired of top-ups? Join the uncapped revolution & get uncapped Home & Business ADSL to suit your business or home usage needs from 384kbps to 40Mbps. We'll have you up and running in no time. Click here to view our packages.

Data Centre Hosting

We are engineered to succeed, with our data facilities located at Teraco Data Centres, we are equipped to provide our customers with the highest technology infrastructure. We are also able to maintain incredible speed, uptime, faster response times and the lowest possible latency and the quickest reach to our customers and our customers-customers.

Leased Line & Fibre Solutions

iSPACE offers a range of direct internet access solutions with various service level descriptions designed for corporates or SMMEs that requires a premium internet experience, high availability and consistency. These products can be purchased in any local and international bandwidth combinations and sizes.

Web Hosting

Web hosting makes it possible for people to view your website on the internet.

Virtual Servers

A VPS server gives you the affordability of shared hosting while at the same time giving power and control.

Domain Registrations & hosting

A domain name is a unique name for your website, like www.ispace.co.za

Hosted Exchange

Hosted exchange provides not just your mail and all of your email folders, but ...