Leased Line/ MetroConnect Solutions


Diginet (also known as a leased line) is a dedicated, synchronous data transfer service provided via the Telkom network. It provides constant, secure, high quality and stable services over a digital transmission network. It is a good choice for your organisation if you use applications that need constant bandwidth on a daily basis as your connection is permanently and exclusively available to you.fiber_optics_icon

Fibre to your Business

Fibre is the superior connectivity type for organisations who require substantial bandwidth to run their wide area networks (WANs). It has significant advantages over existing copper-wire internet connections, particularly over longer distances and for high-demand applications, including a faster connection speed resulting in lightning-fast upload and download speeds.

iSPACE offers a range of direct internet access solutions with various service level descriptions designed for corporates or SMMEs that requires a premium internet experience, high availability and consistency. These products can be purchased in any local and international bandwidth combinations and sizes.

iSPACE also offer a broad range of Business solutions for companies that require high-speed, lower cost internet access. Our  services are premium solutions at very competitive prices. We also offer VDSL, Fibre to the Home & Fibre to the business. These services, like any ADSL service, are best of effort services. Fill in the form below & we will do a feasibility for your home or business in order to give you the best & cost effective solution.

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