Basic Settings & Important Information

National DIALUP POP Number: 0860007249

Home Page:

DNS Servers:

For Diginet Clients : and
For ADSL/Dial : Please use auto assigned DNS

Mail Servers:

POP3 (incoming mail server):
SMTP (outgoing mail server): (use authentication)

If your DSL is with another ISP please use that ISP’s outgoing server & ensure that you find out if their server requires authentication or not.

DSL Setting: PPP over Ethernet; LCC ; VPI/VCI 8/35

Important Information & Links:

iSPACE Acceptable Usage Policy
ISPA code of conduct
iSPACE Standard terms and Conditions
Resources for Children and Teens
Cyber Safety Resources



License Nos.: 0236/IECNS/JAN/09 0236/IECS/JAN/09

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