A domain name is a unique name for your website, like

Domain names must be registered. When domain names are registered, they are added to a large domain name register. In addition, information about the web site, including the IP address, is stored on a DNS (Domain Name Server).

How to get started?

  • Check if the Domain you would like to register is available (whois – or .com)
  • Fill in our application form (Download form)
  • Return the signed form with a copy of your ID & company registration document & we will register the domain for you.

Domain Pricing

Terms & Conditions **Must be prepaid in full

Why register your own domain? domain-name

  • Its makes it easier for people to find you
  • Its gives your company a more professional image
  • You can keep the name for years and years to come
  • You need one in order to have your own website & having your own website is an excellent marketing tool.
  • Its easier to get your site registered with search engines
  • Its gives you a better position in some search engine listings


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